Welcome to AmeriCal!

AmeriCal currently serves the Truckee/Tahoe area. If you are interested in firearms instruction from first time shooter to advanced level courses, I can help you! I only have fixed pricing on CCW courses as they are uniform. As for anything else, please call me so I can get a feel for who you are as a shooter, goals you wish to achieve and your budget.

Concealed Carry Course

I currently provide CCW training for Nevada, Placer, and El Dorado Counties. I teach the course out of downtown Truckee if you wonder about your commute. If you have any other questions, please give me a call or email. Below is pricing and a few notes to read before contacting me.

Note 1: CCW courses are not meant to be for first time shooters! I highly recommend you take a course in basic pistol shooting before taking your CCW class. CCW is a major responsibility. There is so much I teach in a CCW course that I do not have the time to teach you how to load, hold, and shoot your weapon. I will provide some instruction on that topic but it builds off basic skills you should all ready have. You are welcome to take the course, just understand that it may be difficult, and you may not pass. There are no refunds.

Note 2: You need to own a handgun to take this course. I must record the serial numbers, record your shooting score, and perform a safety inspection on the exact weapon(s) that you intend to put on your permit. They need to be registered in your name as well.

Note 3: You need to be professional at the course. Bringing a loaded firearm into the classroom, not following instructions, range safety violations, improper attire, and any odor or evidence of drug/alcohol use will result in removal from the course and a friendly email from me to the sheriff’s office and other area instructors. Carrying a concealed weapon in public is a major responsibility and I only want to be associated with people who respect the nature of the course.

Note 4: I only accept cash. Cash is cash. Not a check or an IOU. Few companies will accept credit card transactions from a firearm related company and the ones that do have high prices. I have been burned on bounced checks, so they ruined it for everyone else.

Note 5: The basic CCW course covers laws and regulations regarding CCW and all required material requested to be taught by your local sheriff’s department. The course does not cover drawing from a holster, alternant firing positions, and shooting other than the required qualification shoot, and many other topics that are important to CCW. I understand that you may just want to get your permit and call it quits. That is what most people do. If you want a higher level of proficiency and drills that you can replicate at home, I recommend the advanced course.

Initial CCW Course (8 hours)(Minimum State/County Standards)$140
Renewal CCW Course (4 hours)(Minimum State/County Standards)$70
Advanced CCW Course (16 hours) (Drills, Additional topics and materials)$300
Current CCW Course Prices. Course offered on Saturdays. Add Sunday for advanced course.

Additional Courses Offered (Call for price)

  • Competitive shooting instruction/introduction to competitive shooting
  • First time shooters course
  • In home defense consultation
  • Advanced Defensive Shooting
  • Children’s firearm introduction course
  • Client provided objective training
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